About Earlywork

Hey gang,

Welcome to Earlywork!

Huh, jobs for babies? Premium alarm clocks for corporate workers?

Not exactly.

The plan: Once a week, we'll be sending out a selective list of internships and entry-level roles with promising startups located in Australia. We’re also working on a project in beta, building a guided coaching service to help ambitious early career professionals land a role in tech and startups.

The goal: Help students who are curious about solving unsolved problems find meaningful work opportunities at tech companies and startups doing just that.

Why the hecc we’re doing this:

1) We routinely get requests from peers about advice for finding internships, career pivots, and whether we know of any open opportunities, having worked extensively in startups and tech (instead of y'know, actually focusing on our uni degrees). Figured it was frequent enough that chucking together a list of cool tech job opportunities might be kinda useful (let's see).

2) We friggin’ love looking at job listings. It's pretty much a hobby at this point. There must be something a bit odd about how we're wired, but hey, if the shoe fits, might as well put it on and kick some goals.

3) COVID yeeted a bunch of early career tech roles, and it's tougher than ever for students and early career professionals to secure relevant work opportunities. We felt the timing was right to step in and try and help out peers in this position.

4) Visibility of junior startup roles in Australia is a bit shit, with many startups too time poor to post across all relevant job platforms, or even list their roles publicly in the first place, compounded by the fact that many students and early professionals aren't aware of all the platforms to check.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, suggestions in terms of helping improve visibility of tech & startup roles for students and early professionals, always feel welcome to shoot us a message.

Ciao for now!

Dan & Jono

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