Career & Interview Coaching

Are you a final year student or recent graduate actively looking to land a role in tech & startups in the next 3 months?

Earlywork is currently piloting a career coaching program for early-career professionals to help you land your dream role. šŸ”„

Our Services

We practice a holistic coaching methodology that covers everything from high-level career planning to landing and negotiating job offers:

  • Defining a Career Path and Goals: Figuring out how to pave your career path and define goals in the technology space. It's a deep rabbit hole, and we want to be there to help you ask the right questions to synthesise what's important to you career-wise.

  • Find the Right Company and Role: It can be tough finding the right tech company or role to suit your goals. We craft a shortlist of role types and companies for you to target your job hunt efforts towards.

  • Crafting a Great LinkedIn, Resume and Cover Letter: Put your best self forward when applying online with our tailored LinkedIn, resume & cover letter advice.

  • Reaching Out To Companies: Once you're ready, we'll help you prepare your strategy for cold-messaging tech companies and leverage our network to tap into the power of referrals.

  • Smashing Your Interviews: Between behavioural interviews, product interviews, whiteboard interviews, and take home tasks, we've got your back at every step.

  • Choosing & Negotiating Offers: When you've landed your role, we'll guide you through tactics and recommendations around salary, as well as evaluating competing job offers.

Meet Your Coaches

Product @ Atlassian

Previously worked at Amazon, Uber, Deloitte Digital, IBM, Ofload, Tayble & Tilt.

Former VP Operations @ BusinessOne Consulting.

Strategy & Operations @ AWS

Previously worked at Bailador VC, Rocket Internet, Vollardian & Amenity Analytics.

Former Co-President @ StartUp Link.

Product @ Finder

Previously worked at Stake, Deloitte, Artesian, EY & getFoodi.

Former COO @ Generation Entrepreneur.


Oli - Associate Product Manager @ Zip Co

"I don't think I've met anyone more approachable and knowledgeable in the tech job application space than Dan. He has extensive experience and a deep understanding in a wide-range of job applications.

Not only did he share comprehensive materials including resume tips, cover letter templates, and behavioural interview questions, but he also took the time to understand myself and the job description so that he could offer me the best advice to express my desire for the job in my own words.

He had a way of easing the anxiety that comes with interviewing by making me overprepared.

You could say that Dan made the interview process a fun and fulfilling experience. I would not have landed my recent job if it wasn't for the amazing coaching services Dan provided."

Bennett - Product Management Intern @ Quadrant (YC)

"Dan is amazing!

I am a student and was lost when it came to searching for internships in areas I am interested in.

But, Dan really guided me through the process. He helped me search for recruiters on LinkedIn, write cold emails, edit my resume, and eventually choose an internship with the most growth.

I really appreciate all that Dan has done for me and how at the end of the day we are friends. He is passionate, warm, and most importantly, driven. I only have good things to say about Dan!"

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