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Look, Earlywork's not bad, but there are a ton of other super cool newsletters out there that I personally read to improve my knowledge and skills across tech, startups, careers and more broadly, life and philosophy.

Here ya go! Shoot any recommendations over to and I'll be sure to check them out 😄

Today in Tech & AngelList Weekly (AngelList)

Get daily or weekly curated news from startup founders, makers and investors through the newsletters from AngelList, the leading US job board for startup roles. My go-to place to stay on top of what's happening in tech.

The Daily Crunch & Week in Review (TechCrunch)

Today’s biggest tech headlines and the week's biggest tech news respectively from TechCrunch, a leading startup and technology news publisher.

No Mercy / No Malice (Scott Galloway)

Each week, bestselling author and business professor Scott Galloway shares his take on tech and relationships in the digital economy.

Lenny's Newsletter (Lenny Rachitsky)

A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that's stressing you out at the office.

Erik Torenberg's Thoughts (Erik Torenberg)

Musings on startups, tech & entreprenurship from Erik Torenberg, Co-Founder of Village Global & On Deck.

Steve Solomon

Follow the journey of Steve Solomon, Australian Olympic 400m runner and Enterprise Partner Senior Associate @ Uber, to the Tokyo Olympic Games + advice on health, psychology, productivity & careers.

Screenshot Essays (Eric Stromberg)

Essays on business and technology. Never more than a single screenshot.

Behavioural Design (Nir Eyal)

Learn about why products succeed and how to build and facilitate positive behaviours in your life. Access the research, writing, and curation of the best articles found by bestselling consumer psychology author Nir Eyal.

Ladder Newsletter (previously Remote Students Newsletter)

Jobs, internships, resources, events, and community for students. Primarily focused on the US but still has some great resources, and definitely helped inspire parts of Earlywork's newsletter.

AirMail Newsletter (AirTree Ventures)

Monthly newsletter with a monthly update on the Aussie and Kiwi tech startup scene from AirTree Ventures, a leading Australian venture capital firm.

Blackbird Monthly (Blackbird Ventures)

Monthly updates from Blackbird Ventures, a leading Australian venture capital firm. Includes topics they’ve found interesting, advice and interviews from their community; plus career opportunities in their network.

How It Actually Works (Trevor McKendrick)

Weekly newsletter curating interesting books, articles, podcasts, research, videos, and Twitter threads from Lambda's Chief of Staff Trevor McKendrick.

Exploding Topics Newsletter (Exploding Topics)

Find trending topics before they take off. Each week, you get sent the best Exploding Topics plus expert insight and analysis.

Batch Day (Marina Wu)

Reflections on product management, careers, learning and life from Marina Wu, Associate Product Manager at Finder.

Batko OS (Michael Batko)

Musings on startups, strategy, business and technology from Michael Batko, CEO of Startmate.

Next Chapter (Hannah Ahn & Blake Im)

2-minute careers advice delivered to your inbox for young people in Australia, including curated careers and networking advice, explainers and TLDRs on growing industries, plus jobs, internships, and un-missable opportunities.

Cloudbites (Lucy Wang, Lucas Leung, Zenne Randerath, Emily Law, Jennifer Ruan)

Bite-sized Insights into the Cloud Computing Industry for Students and Young Professionals.

Textbook Digest (Textbook Ventures)

A weekly email to supercharge Aussie students interested in tech and startups. They cover the latest tech news and bring you weekly blogs, curated events, and startup jobs.

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