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Earlywork Academy is APAC's first tech sales bootcamp where you only pay if you land a job.

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Sam Buchwald
Founder @ Live to Create

As an early-stage founder, I’ve been looking for a likeminded and passionate start-up community like Earlywork for a while. Being only a week in - I’ve already chatted to some incredible people, learned about the emerging Web3 era and had a media opportunity which ended up being published in the Sydney Morning Herald. Honestly can’t wait to be involved more and see where the Earlywork community takes me!

Katherine Han
Investments @ Square Peg

Earlywork is an incredible tribe of curious and passionate young people eager to make a positive impact in the world and uplift each other's growth. It's a treasure cove of enlightening discussions, awesome events, great reads and much more!

Abhishek Maran
Investment Analyst @ Folklore Ventures

The Earlywork community is filled with the brightest young career professionals and everyone is looking to help each other learn and grow at a rapid pace.

Penny Talalak
UX/UI Designer @ BCG Digital Ventures

Earlywork community gave me opportunity to connect with like-minded people especially during covid when making new connections were extremely difficult. It seems that the world is small and from there, lots of mutual friends and interest allowed us to spark exciting projects together. Thanks Earlywork for opening up more opportunities!

Oliver Pang
Founder @ Greencoat

The Earlywork community has been such a great way to meet new people! I’ve enjoyed not only the networking opportunities from Community events but it’s also been an awesome space to meet new friends that I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise! It’s been so cool being able to learn together, discuss/test ideas with each other and even have a fun hit.

Wilson Hou
Software Engineer @ Immutable

Since I joined EW in 2021 - I've met incredibly thoughtful people (some which have evolved into strong bonds/friendships), been to rockstar events (Sahil + IndexCoop) and felt truly supported in every way by the community and founders. 11/10 would recommend.

Elaha Gurgani
BizOps @

Earlywork community is a like-minded, passionate tribe of young people in startups. I've been inspired to learn the ins and outs of the startups, start side projects and be empowered to navigate my career as a recent grad.

Bryce Chee
Support Manager @ Mr Yum

You know that friend who really wants to impact the world and is into startups? Now take all of them across Australia and bring them into a community. That's Earlywork.

Eezu Tan
Product Manager @ Cecil

Earlywork is amazing! It’s given me a space where I can share interesting articles and start discussions with people who are just as passionate about the topic.

Arni Mittal
Product @ Mindset Health

Earlywork is your trusty tribe for meaningful discussions, latest tech trends and insights into accelerating your career growth – on par with Lenny’s Newsletter community!

Sabina Patawaran
Founder @ HS Anti-Racism Kit

Something i really like about Earlywork is how much you can learn from being part of the community since everyone’s always sharing what they create, what has caught their interest, and their experiences in their career. for anyone who’s in the early stages of their career or are still in uni, this is pretty important since you get to hear about different industries you may not hear about within a university environment where you’d probably be a bit more pigeonholed within the industries typically associated with your degree!

Nick Mihailou
Co-Founder @ Stealth Startup

To me, the Earlywork community has signified a strong, close-knitted group of like-minded individuals with varying sets of interests and skills, who are sharing extremely relevant news, groups, job listings, and engaging in community conversations. It's allowed me to meet many new people who are interesting and have helped to support me in my journey.

Mihailo Bozic
Founder @ envited

I love the people in the Earlywork community. There are fellow founders, VC's, students and tech professionals. From everyone I've met, I've learnt something from them - it might be how to growth hack to 150k users, how to apply for a job, or how to raise money for your startup from investors themselves. Most of all, there's great banter and memes across the board

Maya Valentin
Founder @ Greenfluence

Earlywork is my favourite startup community filled with exceptional and passionate people. Here I am always learning, and I love to go down deep rabbit holes with folks in the technology and investing forums. Not only have the conversations on EW enhanced my perspectives on career and life, but I have also made lifelong friends

Anubhav Ghosh
Ops @ Dovetail

The best thing anyone can do in their early tech career is finding others equally as ambitious as them. Earlywork is the home for such people

Harrison Schipke
People Programs Specialist @ Blackbird Ventures

Earlywork has a tight-knit community of motived young professionals and students from a wide array of industry and academic backgrounds. The Slack group provides a platform for members to build relationships, find their dream gigs, and get answers to anything start-up or tech related! Joining Earlywork has allowed me to not only be more confident in my job search, but also connect with some great and really interesting people in the start-up space.

Lucas Leung
Associate Consultant @ Mastercard

The Earlywork community is a rich hub of knowledge, passion and camaraderie driven by a diverse group of young professionals interested in the tech and startup space in Australia. I've been able to find exciting job opportunities, learn about the product and tech space as well as keep up to date with news I wouldn't be able to keep up with on my own.

Elysia Fazio
Designer @ envited

I’d say that the community is great for finding career, tech and life advice from young and likeminded people. I’ve found it super helpful for networking and generally understanding the tech/startup career landscape and trajectory for young people new to tech. It’s also great that a lot of people share their experiences and learnings so there’s a big sense of community which I’ve found encouraging when feeling a bit lost or uncertain about work/lifeI also love that everyone shares their work/projects - it’s like everyone’s a cheerleader for each other which is awesome.

Allen Nguyen
SEO Specialist @ G Squared

Earlywork networking moment: Just wanted to share that I landed my agency an SEO client I met through posting here. Now I'm working on their SEO strategy  #powerofnetworks

Ming Qin
Strategy & Operations @ AWS

The Earlywork team have been instrumental in providing me with an avenue to direct my career curiosity towards. From the gigs job board to the diverse slack chats, Earlywork has provided me with multiple strong ways to keep me updated career-wise. However above all, the Earlywork network has definitely been the standout aspect for me, putting me in touch with professionals across different industries that have provided me with career-changing advice!

Sharon Lai
GM @ Textbook Ventures

By building a strong and supportive community, Earlywork has created a space for co-learning, open conversations and interesting events for its members.

Felix Harvey
Software Engineer @ REA Group

Earlywork is the best discovery I’ve made. It’s a community full of the smartest and most ambitious young people. It’s got job opportunities at Australia’s coolest companies, people who are always willing to help and is a great place to meet like minded peers.

Harikesh Pushpapathan
Venture Analyst @ Stoic VC

Keeping up with a dynamic environment can be challenging at times. The constant sharing of ideas, motivations and learning is what makes Earlywork so valuable

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