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Meet The Earlybirds

We’re a crew of quirky turkeys who banded together with a shared belief that every person can have a meaningful career and make a positive dent on the planet.

Having worked across tech, startups & venture capital, including Atlassian, Amazon, Finder & Uber, we’re on a mission to help young people build high-impact careers.

In the beginning

Earlywork launched in September 2020 as a newsletter curating the best early-career roles in tech & startups, after several peers expressed frustration at not having an easy place to find these opportunities.

We started to create career resources & run interviews with young founders & operators, striving to improve visibility of emerging career paths in this area.

As our audience started to take off, we discovered a gap in the social fabric for young people keen on tech & startups in ANZ.

That's why we brought them together and launched a dedicated Slack community in April 2021, to create stronger conversations between the next generation of founders & operators.

We soon recognised an opportunity to help our community find awesome roles, and launched our Gigs & Talent offerings to connect ambitious young talent with future-focused companies.
Earlywork team photo at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney
Earlywork Team photo

The dream ahead...

We believe community is the single biggest gap in education today.

Over time, we envision a dedicated global community platform for the careers of tomorrow, helping young people co-learn and navigate opportunities to work on high-impact problems as early as high school.

In supporting this, our ambition is to build out Earlywork as the #1 content resource to explore future-focused careers, empowering the next generation of founders & operators to confidently chart their own path in a rapidly changing world of work.

But for Earlywork, it’s early days...

As a part of our pre-seed announcement led by Square Peg, we wanted to share a more intimate piece with you as a reflection on our early journey, why we’re building Earlywork, and the vision we see ahead for how to help young people navigate their careers. Check it out!

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Our Values

There are many ways to shoot for a mission & vision, but your values as a company define what you build, who you hire, and what decisions you make.

That's why before going all-in on Earlywork, we came together post-lockdown, in the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney, to spar as a team on the values that define the way we create & collaborate.

To learn how we approached formulating our values check out our newsletter here
Chase the Long Tail Value

Chase the Long Tail

We believe that every young person deserves a meaningful career.

To do that, we aim to democratise career opportunities for all students & graduates, regardless of their background.
Build for Tomorrow Value

Build for Tomorrow

We create with a long-term lens.

It's not just about who we help today, but equally, the downstream impact on the broader system in which we operate.
Open Mind Stay Kind Value

Open Mind, Stay Kind

We're not afraid to challenge one another in sharpening our hypotheses about the world.

But first and foremost, we do so with kindness, trust & mutual respect.
The World is Our Team Value

The World is Our Team

We are fundamentally a multiplayer company.

The world is a positive-sum game, and every community member, customer and competitor is also a collaborator towards a common goal.
Embrace Your Quirky Turkey Value

Embrace Your Quirky Turkey

We strive to make play a part of work, and build vulnerable and vibrant human connection into everything we do.

Our lively & cheeky spirit ripples through our content, community & beyond.

Who's who in the zoo

Daniel Brockwell


Co-founder & Chief Meme Officer
Likes: Making musical noises with my mouth, sparring philosophy, and shitposting on Twitter.

Alt Career: Farmer

Favourite Quote:
“Stop dreaming, start memeing”
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Jono Herman


Co-founder & Chief Handshake Officer
Likes: Long walks on the beach, jamming out to some old school R&B and fantasy football.

Alt Career: Psychologist

Favourite Quote: “Por qué no los dos?”
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Marina Wu


Co-founder & Chief Community Officer
Likes: Classical music (love me some Chopin!), hitting the CrossFit box and good coffee.

Alt Career: Concert pianist

Favourite Quote: “Just keep swimming”
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With Stripe Climate, a fraction of every purchase from Earlywork helps new carbon removal technologies scale.
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