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Earlywork Slack Community

Challenging career conversations.

Come join Australia and New Zealand's next generation of founders & operators

Looking to meet other young folks interested in tech, startups and social impact?

  We run a dedicated Earlywork Slack community with 1000+ members and growing.

  • Build relationships in the tech ecosystem

    Coffee catchups, community masterclasses, and channels to share events + showcase what you're working on.

  • Find your tribe and start discussions

    Dedicated sub-communities for #product, #engineering, #stonks, #crypto, #social-impact & more.

  • Stay on top of the best news & resources

    Discover, share and discuss the best industry news, books, podcasts and newsletters with other community members.

With 🧡 from the community

Arni Mittal

Product @ Mindset Health   "Earlywork is your trusty tribe for meaningful discussions, latest tech trends and insights into accelerating your career growth – on par with Lenny’s Newsletter community!"

Eezu Tan

Product & Community @ Parpera  

“Earlywork is amazing! It’s given me a space where I can share interesting articles and start discussions with people who are just as passionate about the topic.”

Bryce Chee

Support Manager @ Mr Yum  

"You know that friend who really wants to impact the world and is into startups? Now take all of them across Australia and bring them into a community. That's Earlywork."

Elaha Gurgani

Events @ Textbook Ventures   "Earlywork community is a like-minded, passionate tribe of young people in startups. I've been inspired to learn the ins and outs of the startups, start side projects and be empowered to navigate my career as a recent grad."

Abhishek Maran

Investor @ Folklore Ventures  

"The Earlywork community is filled with the brightest young career professionals and everyone is looking to help each other learn and grow at a rapid pace."

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