Joff Redfern headshot
Joff Redfern
CPO @ Atlassian
Yani Bernstein headshot
Yani Bernstein
Founder & COO at Circular
Ex-COO @Airtasker
Sanjana Nagesh headshot
Sanjana Nagesh
Forbes 30 under 30
Sally Meterierkamp headshot
Sally Meterlerkamp
Founder and CEO at Lived

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From Tech to Comedy: 3 Lessons Building a 600K+ Following
Hear from the founder of a corporate brand with over 600,000 followers on a role in tech that's perfect for aspiring content creators.
20 Minute Crash Course - Software Sales Careers In Australia
Learn all you need to know about a software sales career in under 20 minutes. We'll take you through 5 key concepts 👉 fundamentals of startup business models, role of sales in tech, what you'll be doing in software sales, how software sales compensation works and career progression in software sales
🤿 Pathways
The Job Description of a Software Sales Representative in Australia (2024 Edition)
Hear from two entry level software sales representatives on the three key areas of responsibility they have: prospecting, cold outreach and administrative work.
🤿 Pathways
Tech and Startups Exit Guide
Ever thought about jumping ship where the grass seems greener (and shinier)? This will give you an insight into transitioning from a corporate career to a role in technology or a startup.
🪜 Career Progression
The No-Bullshit Guide to Junior Job Titles in Tech
Job titles get stretched and misused to the point where two jobs can have the same title but totally different responsibilities. That’s why we decided to make a no-bullshit guide to junior job titles in tech, along with some real-world examples in the Australian market of cool companies that hire for this type of role.
🤿 Pathways
Product Management vs. Consulting
Consultants turned Atlassian PMs break down what makes the roles different
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Build Career Success by Design
4 powerful heuristics that Max Marchione uses to navigate career uncertainty
🤿 Pathways
An Operator's Guide to Navigating a Downturn
Bear market survival tips for tech & startup operators, from Albert Patajo
🪜 Career Progression
How Side Hustles Give You an Edge at Work
How product manager Vihan Ramanayake used side project learnings to land and get ahead in his first startup role
🎯 Where to Work
WTF are Scaleups?
Airtasker’s former COO Yaniv Bernstein explains what the heck happens when startups grow up
🎯 Where to Work
The 4 Step Framework to Rethink Your Career Path
How the Earlywork team stumbled on a valuable career paradigm from a failed business idea
🪜 Career Progression
How Atlassian's Chief Product Officer Spots The Next Wave
Lessons on predicting the future from Joff Redfern's time leading product at Atlassian, LinkedIn and Yahoo
🤝 Mentors
Employee Equity Demystified
An approachable guide on how the heck your shares work as a startup or tech company employee feat. Amit Majumder
🤿 Pathways
Startup Recruiter: A Secret Career Vantage Point
How being a recruiter can fast-track your startup learning
Why Your Dog Could Be Your Secret Career Mentor
How Harikesh Pushpapathan (Stoic VC) levelled up his thinking by learning from his German Shepherd
🪜 Career Progression
How to Land a Tech Job as a Non-Traditional Candidate
From pharmacist to interior designer to... startup operations manager?
💡 Job Search
It's Not ‘Just’ an Arts Degree
Why studying arts is a secret weapon in startups, a guest piece by Jethro Cohen (Investor @ Square Peg)
WTF is Performance Marketing?
We chat to Bennie Liu who's previously led growth at two VC-backed startups to hear what he had to say about performance marketing
🤿 Pathways
How to Tell if Your Employer Gives a F*ck About Climate
71% of Gen Z workers would refuse to work for a company they felt was not doing enough to deal with climate change. So, how do you know if your employer actually gives a f*ck?
💡 Job Search
From Engineering to Product Management
You rarely see ‘Product Management’ degrees in the tech world, so where the f*ck do all these product managers come from? One of the most common pathways is to first be a software engineer, but it’s no easy leap.
Change Your Perspective Before You Change Your Job
It’s not always the job that is the root of our career discontent. Often, it’s how we perceive the job, and our attitude towards work lives on even as we switch roles and companies.
🪜 Career Progression
How to Break Into BizOps
BizOps sounds pretty swanky, but what exactly is it? We chatted to 4 BizOps operators to find out
🤿 Pathways
Dishin’ the Dirt on Cleantech
Roll up your sleeves and get those gardening gloves on because we’re about to dish the dirt on what’s been happening in the Cleantech space. 🍀
🎯 Where to Work
Healthtech So Hot Right Now 🔥
Healthtech is one of the hottest industries to be playing in right now. After all, who wouldn’t want the chance to impact a critical pillar of society? To get the hottest goss, we chatted to Em Casey - a self-proclaimed “Medicine Defector” who has made the leap to tech & startups.
🎯 Where to Work
Derisk Your Career for a Remote Future
Is remote just a COVID-fad or here to stay for good? We were lucky enough to be joined by Abi Tyas Tungall co-founder of, a jobs platform designed for remote jobs (you can probably guess his stance🤣).
🪜 Career Progression
WTF is Product Engineering?
Looking at the software industry more broadly, there is one role shift that I’m particularly curious about. The emergence of product engineers.
🤿 Pathways
The Framework for Career Fulfilment
It’s pretty crazy to think that we’ll spend 90,000 hours working, that’s around one-third of our lifetime. Heck, that’s a lot of hours 😰. Doesn’t it make sense then, that we should be spending all of these hours in a way that’s meaningful to us?
🪜 Career Progression
How to Be Your Own Career VC: Part 2 - Evaluating a Startup Job Offer
Before applying and accepting any job offer, you should consider the following three things: Career Growth, Compensation, and Culture.
💡 Job Search
Top 5 Misconceptions About Product Management
There are several gaps and myths that consistently show up when it comes to product management. We chatted to James Gabb & Matt Hinds to break them down
🤿 Pathways
What Your Mentors Wish You Knew
Crack open any career development book these days and it’ll probably tell you to go find a mentor. So, how do you actually build meaningful mentor relationships?
🤝 Mentors
How to be your own career VC (Part 1)
VCs choosing where to invest their capital is not too different from you or me choosing which company we’ll invest our time in. The three main areas where you should do further digging and thinking are: people, product and funding.
🪜 Career Progression
The Most Underrated Pathway Into Startups
Customer success has dramatically evolved to a proactive and strategic function that's critical to most startups. By all accounts, it's still a relatively non-competitive route into startupland. So, how do you break in?
🤿 Pathways
Cover Letters Are Dying (Try These 4 Things Instead)
In theory, cover letters are meant to be the “why” behind the resume, the story of what has led you to apply for a role. But, increasingly, tech companies and startups are tossing them aside.
💡 Job Search
Growth Marketing Uncovered ft. Dan Siepen (Head of Growth & Marketing, Wellshare)
A few newsletters ago, we wrote about one of the hottest topics floating around these days: growth marketing. Ya’ll wanted to know more and to get into the nitty-gritty of things. Well, ask and you shall receive, Earlyworkers!
🤿 Pathways
Why You Should Have a Side Hustle
Did you know some of the most popular products and companies we know, including Slack, Twitter, Craigslist, Gmail and Trello, originally started as a side hustle. Before we dive in, just want to ensure we are aligned on lingo, side hustles come in many forms but are typically projects started outside of normal work hours. Okay, so most of you understand a side hustle. This is why the time is ripe now!
💡 Job Search
Top 5 Factors Startups Look For in Entry-Level Candidates
Pathways into more traditional careers are well defined, however, knowing what startups look for and how to thrive in the environment is not as widely known. Here are the top 5 qualities that startups are looking for in entry-level candidates.
💡 Job Search
How to Break Into UX & Product Design
In this edition’s Weekly Cheeky Tip, we put on our French berets and our best impression of the “I am artiste!” meme to deep dive into the world of UX and Product Design.
🤿 Pathways
How To Create a Killer Resume
The FREE section-by-section guide around how to design a resume for early-career workers to curate lessons from our own job application experience across leading tech companies, fast-growing startups and venture capital.
💡 Job Search
How to Break Into Growth Marketing
In the past decade, ‘growth marketing’ has since exploded as a startup buzzword that everyone seems to nod their heads at. But what the hecc does this actually involve, and how do you land a role like this? We chatted to 3 growth marketers on the Sydney startup scene
🤿 Pathways
Top 5 Tech Jobs for Non-Technical People
You see a whole lot of technical entry-level roles/grad programs but not a whole lot for your generalist, soft-skill-type roles. That’s why in this Weekly Cheeky Tip, we’ve done a deep dive on the Top 5 Non-Technical Career Paths:
Level Up Your LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn sometimes seems like a bit of a meme with all its self-congratulatory posts and generic comments on work anniversary updates. Used correctly, it can be the most important tool in your career.
💡 Job Search
Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Interviewer
We compiled 10 of the most useful initial questions to ask interviewers, draw from the real-world interview experiences of our team.
💡 Job Search
How To Ask For Advice
The skill of knowing who to ask for advice, what advice to ask for and how to ask for it, though certainly relevant to careers, has high leverage across life and its domains more broadly.
🤝 Mentors
How To Build Your Own Curriculum At Work
So how do you ensure that you both have a high rate of learning, and are learning the right things? The answer: building your own learning plan and curriculum.
🤓 Learning
How To Break Into Data Science
We’re revisiting the How to Break Into X theme from our earlier edition on How to Break into Product Management to clarify another nebulous field with buzzword sex appeal but a lot of misconceptions.
🤿 Pathways
How To Smash 'Why X Company?' With The 3P Framework
Another one of those classic interview questions that is almost always gonna come up, and one where the response should almost be muscle memory. But how does one tackle this bad boy?
💡 Job Search
Corporate vs. Startup Careers
One of the biggest questions I’ve seen young tech-inclined folks grapple with (myself very much included) is the dilemma of whether to join an early-stage startup or mature tech company as someone early in their career.
🎯 Where to Work
How to Smash 'Tell Me About Yourself'
In most job interviews, there's one game-changing question that hands you an open mic on a silver platter. "Tell me about yourself?" Those memey 4 words probably elicit some groans, but straight up, learning how to smash an answer to them can change a hire/no hire decision.
💡 Job Search
How to Break into Product Management
Ah, product management. One-third of the holy trinity of fetishised buzzword job titles alongside ‘strategy’ and ‘growth’.
🤿 Pathways
How to Evaluate (Potential) Job Fit & Satisfaction
An unsolved topic that fascinates me when thinking about early-stage careers: job fit & satisfaction. But how the hecc do you know if you’re in the right job for you (or if an opportunity is a good fit for you)?
💡 Job Search
Using LinkedIn DMs To Get Jobs
Let’s dive in and look at the real-world process we’ve used to land roles in tech and startups through LinkedIn in the past.
💡 Job Search
Student Groups for Tech & Startups
Beyond staying on top of job listings, a great way for students to learn more about tech, startups and the relevant ecosystem in Sydney, is tapping into the content, events and other students within university groups and societies related to these topics. That’s why I’ve built a comprehensive list across UNSW, USYD, UTS, Macquarie, and WSU, as well as student-focused groups not affiliated with a particular university.
🪜 Career Progression
Which Job Platforms to Check?
All the main job sites and groups that I personally check for entry-level tech & startup roles, including LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Hatch,, and AngelList.
💡 Job Search
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